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General & Choral Music

Grades 58

Bill Hively, Instructor

Welcome to the choral and general music page! Thank you for entrusting your child to our school. Mr. Hively looks forward to leveling up his students' musical abilities, knowledge, and appreciation.


Our first major goal will be the Nativity Program in December. We will work toward that goal in small steps, using brief, focused in-class and small-audience performances to master our fundamentals, sharpen our skills, and polish our artistry.


At each step of the way, each student will receive honest, loving assessments of their progress measured against clear rubrics communicated at the start of the project. When they say "I can't," I will add "Yet."


Assignments will be completed in class, but in case of absence they are posted on the student's assignment page in Educonnect and on my homework page. There will often be an upload there that can be completed at home and submitted in class. 


Though I am at school only on Wednesdays, I am available by email all week. Please don't hesitate to ask a question or raise a concern: middle-grade students don't always let their teachers know when there is a problem. If I notice something wrong during class, I'll talk to their homeroom teacher first, and if they agree it's a concern, they will let you know.


I'm glad for the chance to work with the students' other teachers and use music to enhance their learning across disciplines.


The students' primary teachers are you, their families: we are your partners in this important work.